List of Claimed Pioneers, as at 24 March 2014

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The Port Phillip Pioneers Group has confirmed 1,414 members since starting in 1970. From this, 3,108 Pioneers of the Port Phillip District of New South Wales, now Victoria, have been claimed by these members as their direct ancestors.

A list of these proven Pioneer Ancestors is now being made available on our website for all to see.

Please let us know if there is information that is not quite right. This index will be updated annually. The information is Name: of Pioneer, Event: arrived, married or born (etc.), Date: of event and Name: of ship, if known.

We have many more in our database titled, 'The Lester Stephen Port Phillip Pioneers Register Vol. 1' waiting for their descendants to claim them as Pioneers. Lester was trying to list all the people who were Pioneers of the time. It is not known how close he got, as there are too many to count.

The 1851 Census states the population as 77,345. Sadly this does not include indigenous people of the time.

Going on this number we have a fair way to go to give these Pioneers their place in history.

Of course not everyone had children or families died out, so sadly they will not be recognised by our Group officially, but maybe a PPPG newsletter article can put some light on their life and times.

Follow this link to the .pdf file of the listing of PPPG Claimed Pioneer Ancestors.

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