Since I began entering the details of our pioneering ancestors into the records from 1977 onwards, there have been many amazing co-incidences and stories that have emerged, but none more so than the tale which can now be told.

Two men - James Sandle Ford, baptised on 12th of May, 1811, at Havant, Hampshire, England, and Samuel Morey, baptised on 2nd of May, 1811, also of Havant, Hampshire, were among a large group of men who were convicted at the Winchester Assizes on 30th of December, 1830, on a charge of machine breaking. Both men were sentenced to seven years transportation per the ship "Eliza II" (3rd voyage), which arrived at Hobart, Van Diemen's Land on the 26th May, 1831.

It is known that James Sandle Ford received a Free Pardon on the 3rd February, 1836 and that he left Launceston, VDL for Melbourne, Port Phillip, on 9th December, 1836, per the vessel "Enterprise".

Meanwhile, Samuel Morey was married at Hobart, VDL on 2nd May, 1836 to Catherine Travers. It is not yet known how or when they crossed to Melbourne.

James Sandle Ford was married on 8th February, 1841 at St. Francis' Roman Catholic Church, Melbourne, to Hannah Sullivan and Samuel Morey and his wife, Catherine, were the witnesses.

James Sandle Ford died on 18th July, 1890 at Portsea, Victoria; his wife Hannah having died there on 15th December, 1878.

Samuel Morey had died on 23 August 1896 at South Yarra, Victoria; his wife Catherine had died there on 24th May, 1896.

Mrs. Thora Kovalevsky, nee Johansen, of Ryde, New South Wales, the great-granddaughter of James Sandle Ford and his wife Hannah, signed her application form on 15th January, 2001, and when her application was approved, was granted Membership Number 1193.

Mrs. Margaret Patricia Insley, nee Murphy, of Broadford, Victoria, the great-great-granddaughter of Samuel and Catherine Morey, originally dated her application on 28th June, 1999, but updated it on 12th October, 1999. Following approval of her application, she was allotted Membership Number 1194.

Struck by these coincidences, I contacted both ladies by telephone in March, 2000, and was told that they were completely unaware of each other's existence, but were only too happy to allow this tale to be published.

P.S. Jenny Carter who writes a regular feature article in the Genealogical Society of Victoria's journal "Ancestor" called "Q. & A." (Questions & Answers), is also a descendant of Samuel and Catherine Morey, and is Member Number 428 of our Group.

Contributed by Lester R. Stephen, F.G.S.V. (PPPG Registrar & Member No. 56)

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