Ken Smith has been indexing the names of insolvent's that he comes across when searching early land records in the Registrar Generals Office. As the records of insolvency's prior to 1856 appear to no longer exist, this will be an important and interesting list.

There is an index of some insolvent's in the Public Records Office. But the names of these and others ofter appear in the Registrar Generals Office, which was once situated in the Supreme Court. They appear in land records when converted from Old Law to Torrens Title, and give the name, address, occupation, registration number and date of release certificate for the insolvent.

In the early days of the Port Phillip District, there was a Police Magistrate's Court, a Court of Petty Sessions and a Court of Requests. The latter court being for minor financial problems involving amounts of money below 10. As there was no Supreme Court in PPD until 1841, it was initially very difficult to resolve more serious financial difficulties. A person could be subpoenaed to appear in court in Sydney but this was very expensive especially if witnesses were required.

From 1841 until 1855, all insolvency's in PPD were registered in Melbourne. From 1855, there was a separate registry in Geelong. On the 8th February 1842 George Lilly had the dubious honour of being the first person to become insolvent in PPD. A very early settler, Lilly had bought land in Collins Street in 1837 at the first land sale. Like many others, he became involved in the real estate boom of 1839-1840 and got onto difficulties.

A large number of publicans became bankrupt. Even the famous water colourist, Wilbraham Liardet, (also a publican) became insolvent. In fact between 1842-1844, there were 237 insolvency's in PPD.

A notice was placed in the PPD newspapers and government gazettes giving the date of a meeting to wind up an estate and another notice later when the name of the liquidator or terustee was decided. And just like today, there were loopholes in the insolvency law, enabling people to hide their assets.

A new law for insolvency was passed in NSW on 1st February 1842. The insolvent person had to surrender all his estate. He had to make a declaration stating why he had reached his present financial position and after satisfying the requirements of the Law, he could apply to the Commissioner of Insolvent Estates for a certificate of release. It was not deemed polite to apply too early. Perhaps 6 months was early enough. Many estates were so complicated that they took years to resolve. Occasionally, assets were found as long as 30 years later and up until 1844, some insolvents served time in jail.

(The Above is a Report on Ken Smith's Address at the Annual General Meeting on 12th March 2000)

Contributed by Jan Hanslow (PPPG Member No 1057)


Resulting from the March 2000 meeting's talk on the subject of early insolvency records, I have been kindly made aware of the existence of a book entitled "The Victorian Insolvent List from 1842, to the end of June, 1862, and Public Assignments from 1854, to the end of June, 1862", compiled by John Noble Wilson.

This book has been put on microfiche, together with records of insolvencies up to 1873, and can be accessed in the Genealogy Section of the State Library of Victoria. It can be found on a carousel at LTGMF 417.

The following information can be obtained: date of sequestration (insolvency); name; residence and occupation of the insolvent; value of liabilities and assets; date when certificate of release was granted; dividends (if any) and name of the official assignee (liquidator). Before 1854, the place of residence and occupation are not stated.

This is a useful source of information, except that in some instances the date of sequestration does not agree with that given in contemporary Government Gazette and newspaper articles. But isn't that what one would expect? As they say in the classics: "Family history wasn't meant to be easy".

The following is a summary of records on Insolvency held in the Public Records Office:

Melbourne Court of Insolvency (held at Melbourne PRO):

Proceedings in Insolvent Estates 1863-1871 (VPRS 759)
Certificates of Discharge 1848-1875 (VPRS 75)
Deeds under 1871 Act (VPRS 762)
Index to Insolvencies 1834-1921 (VPRS 758)
Register of Insolvencies 1871-1915 (VPRS 757)
Register of Certificates of Discharge 1884-1928 (VPRS 1194)
Deeds of Arrangement 1899-1928 (VPRS 766)
Liquidation Deeds 1871-1904 (VPRS 764)
Deeds of Composition 1871-1898 (VPRS 763)
Schedules under 1890 Act 1890-1916 (VPRS 765)

Ballarat Insolvency Court (held at Ballarat Branch of the PRO):

Registers 1860-1907 (VPRS 723)
Affidavits 1871-1934 (VPRS 3592)
Deeds of Insolvency 1890-1934 (VPRS 811)

Geelong Insolvency Court (held at Melbourne PRO):

Registers 1855- (VPRS 1473)
Records (VPRS 815)

My thanks are due to Member, Anne Mavric for bringing the above information to my attention. If you have any further information about these insolvencies please write to me, Ken Smith, Port Phillip Pioneers Group Inc., Level B1, 257 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3000.

RGO DateWilson DateINSOLVENTS TO 30 JUNE 1851
18421842Insolvent's Name, Residence and Occupation
8 Feb 9 FebGeorge Lilly, of Melbourne, Commission Agent
11 Feb11 FebJohn Hodgson, of Melbourne, Gentleman
-11 FebWilliam Willis
18 Feb12 FebGeorge Smith, of Melbourne, Gentleman
-23 FebJohn William Seymour, Of Melbourne, Publican
21 Feb23 FebJames Shaw, of Melbourne, Publican
-21 FebHenry Davis, of Melbourne
-25 FebGeorge Thomas Stevens, of Melbourne
4 Mar-Edwin Mawney Sayers, of Melbourne, Merchant
7 Mar7 MarRobert Reeves, of Melbourne, Agent   Auctioneer
-10 MarThomas Softly Kay, of Melbourne
11 Mar11 MarFrederick Hitchins, of Melbourne, Lemon Syrup Maker
-9 MarRobert Summerville
-11 MarCharles Symonds Barrett, of Melbourne, Grocer
-15 MarGeorge Frazer, of Melbourne, Brewer
15 Mar15 MarThomas Connor, of Melbourne, Butcher
16 Mar16 MarNorman Roderick M'Leod, of Melbourne, Settler
-16 MarJohn Lee Gill, of Pentridge, General Dealer
-18 MarJohn Frizzell, of Melbourne
18 Mar18 MarThomas Hunter Price, of Melbourne, Architect
-18 MarJohn Stafford
19 Mar19 MarThomas Kelly, of Melbourne, Publican
-21 MarEdward Atkyns Walpole   George Goggs, of Gardiner's Creek
21 Mar21 MarJohn M'Nall, of Melbourne, Butcher (1st estate)
-25 MarHenry George Harrington, of Melbourne, Chemist   Druggist
-2 AprThomas Freeman, of Geelong
2 Apr2 AprPeter Snodgrass, of Melbourne, Settler
4 Apr-Frederick Pitmann, of Melbourne, Ironmonger
9 Apr9 AprThomas Arnold, of Melbourne, Assistant Commissary General
15 Apr15 AprThomas Cunningham, of Melbourne, Publican
22 Apr22 AprJohn Herbert McCabe, of Melbourne, Ship's Commission Agent
16 May26 AprLanghorne Brothers (William   George), of Melbourne, Merchants
-27 AprAndrew Fleming Angus, of Melbourne
29 Apr-Francis Muirson, of Kinlochewe, Publican
-2 MayJoseph Haynes
3 May3 MayJoseph Anderson, of Melbourne, Builder
-7 MayMatthew Maloney, of Melbourne
12 May12 MayWilliam Wedge Darke, of Melbourne, Contract Surveyor
-13 MayCharles Stone
-16 MayEdward Dean Freeman Hamilton
16 May16 MayJohn Ley, of Melbourne, Publican
20 May20 MayJohn Muston, of Richmond, Settler
-20 MayJohn Campbell, of Melbourne
-20 MayJohn Hook, of Melbourne, Butcher
-20 MayWilliam Austin, of Williams Town, Publican
23 May23 MayJohn M'Nall, of Melbourne, Butcher (2nd estate)
-30 MayMichael James Power, of Melbourne
-30 MayThomas Lucas, of Geelong
30 May30 MayCharles Arnold, of Melbourne, Writing Clerk
-30 MayJames Haig Miller
-2 JunJoseph William Hooson, of Melbourne
3 Jun3 JunJames Dennistoun Baillie, of Carngham, Settler
6 Jun-John Randle Pascoe, of Melbourne, Saddler
13 Jun13 JunRobert Brettargh, of Melbourne, Publican
13 Jun13 JunGeorge Say, of Melbourne, General Dealer (1st estate)
16 Jun17 JunGeorge Jones, of Melbourne, Publican
-13 JunMichael Solomon, of Moodeyallo
-17 JunThomas Sherwin
-22 JunDavid Power
1 Jul1 JulWilliam Jones, of Melbourne, Wine Merchant
-7 JulWilliam Francis Browne Bohun, of Geelong, Custom House Officer
5 Jul5 JulPeter Scott, of Melbourne, Butcher
-8 JulJonathan Phillips, of Portland, Butcher
15 Jul15 JulFrancis James Cox, of Melbourne, Baker
25 Jul25 JulLewis Pedrana, of Melbourne, Publican
7 Jul27 JulWilbraham Frederick Evelyn Liardet, of Melbourne, Publican
Aug 1 AugJohn Roberts, of Melbourne
27 Jul27 JulHenry Hutchinson Atkinson, of Melbourne, Auctioneer
-1 AugHugh Archibald M'Millan, of Melbourne, Collecting Clerk, Times Office
-1 AugJohn Butt Chin, of Melbourne, Tipstaff to the Supreme Court
1 Aug-John Shanks, of Melbourne, Publican
-1 AugJohn Baskerville, of Melbourne, Custom House Agent
-2 AugHugh Mann, of Mount Macedon
1 Aug1 AugGeorge Langhorne, of the Yarra near Melbourne, Merchant
-5 AugReay Clarke, of near Mount Macedon, Innkeeper
22 Aug23 SepOwen Wynne Morgan, of Melbourne
7 Sep10 SepThomas Anderson, of Melbourne, Publican
15 Sep15 SepGeorge Say, of Melbourne, General Dealer   Innkeeper (2nd estate)
-10 SepEdward Bennett, of the River Wannon, Settler
-20 SepAnthony Beale, of near the Plenty River, Settler
-24 SepWilliam Ledgerwood, of Geelong, Carpenter
-30 SepJoseph Chadwick, of Melbourne, Stablekeeper
30 Dec11 OctJohn Cumming   Donald M'Pherson, of Melbourne, Publicans
4 Oct7 OctThomas Howe, of Melbourne, Publican
7 Oct7 OctJohn Roach, of Melbourne, Merchant
11 Oct11 OctJohn Roe, of Melbourne, Butcher
-28 OctFrederick John Street, of Richmond
-29 OctGeorge Graham, of Melbourne, Carpenter
-29 OctJohn Lightwood, of Melbourne
31 Oct11 NovJohn Greenlaw Foxton, of Melbourne, Custom House Agent
7 Nov7 NovRonald Fletcher, of Melbourne, Wine Merchant
-7 NovJeremiah Coffee, of Melbourne, Publican
-7 NovJoseph Byrne, of Collingwood
11 Nov11 NovGeorge Arden, of Melbourne, Editor of the 'Gazette' Newspaper
-12 NovJames Heminsley, of Melbourne, Tobacconist
11 Nov11 NovJohn Griffiths, of Melbourne, Boarding House Keeper
-16 NovAlfred Cooper
--Lewis Jones, of Melbourne
-22 NovThomas Hodge, of Melbourne, Theatre Proprietor
-28 NovWilliam Kmapp
-5 DecRichard Henry Battley, of Melbourne, Carpenter
-6 DecFrancis Heaney, of Melbourne, Publican
-10 DecDaniel Fitzgerald, of Melbourne
10 Dec10 DecDaniel Connell, of Melbourne, Labourer
2 Dec5 DecJohn Mooney, of Melbourne, Dealer
-17 DecJohn Mayne Conolly, of Melbourne, Solicitor
19 DecDecJohn Sutherland, of Moonee Ponds, Farmer
20 Dec31 DecRichard Forrest   Henry Luke Worsley, of Melbourne, Wine Merchants
-24 DecRobert Ormond
-24 DecJames Addison
24 Dec24 DecMathew Holmes, of Melbourne, Stationer
19 Dec19 DecJames Simeon, of Melbourne, Linen Draper
19 Dec19 DecWilliam Redmond Belcher, of Melbourne, Auctioneer
-31 DecJoseph Blandford, of Melbourne, Hairdresser
18431843Insolvent's Name, Residence and Occupation
12 Jan12 JanJohn Davies, of Melbourne
-14 JanColin Reginald James Seton Stewart
-17 JanAnthony Collins, of Melbourne
18 Jan19 JanMoses Lazarus, of Melbourne, Draper
-17 JanThomas Armistead, of Melbourne
18 Jan18 JanPatricius William Welsh, of Melbourne, Merchant
-19 JanHenry Carr, of Melbourne
-23 JanHenry Waymark, of Melbourne, Grocer
-24 JanJohn Dean, of Melbourne, Settler
-26 JanJames Maginn, of Melbourne, Brewer
-27 JanDavid Lindsay, of Melbourne, Butcher
-27 JanThomas Mulcaster Marshall, of Melbourne, Agent
26 Jan26 JanJohn Macgregor, of Merri Creek, Farmer
2 Feb2 FebAnah Lewis, of Melbourne, General Dealer
7 Feb7 FebAlexander McDonald, of Kinlochewe, Blacksmith
30 Jan31 JanJames Hill, of Williams Town, Settler
9 Feb9 FebGeorge Hale, of Geelong, Carpenter
9 Feb10 FebEdwin Leadbeater, of Melbourne
9 Feb9 FebJames Watson, of Melbourne, Settler
9 Feb10 FebJohn Jennings, of Melbourne, Ginger Beer Manufacturer
4 Feb4 FebHenry Boorn Foot, of Brighton, Surveyor
-10 FebGeorge Henry Patterson, of Melbourne, Publican
-14 FebHenry Arthur
-15 FebW. E. Leigh
-17 FebEdward Riggs White
16 Feb20 FebGeorge Coulstock, of Mill Park, River Plenty, Gentleman
16 Feb18 FebJohn Byng, of Melbourne, Publican
21 Feb21 FebJohn Hunter, of Melbourne. Settler
25 Feb25 FebBenjamin Hancock, of Melbourne, Publican
18 Feb20 FebJames Watson   John Hunter (Watson   Hunter), of Melbourne, Merchants   Settlers
25 Feb7 FebWilliam Frederick Augustus Rucker, of Melbourne, Merchant
-24 FebGeorge Scarlett, of Melbourne, Working Jeweller
1 Mar2 MarCharles Williams, of Melbourne, Auctioneer
4 Mar4 MarDeane   Parrott, of Colac, Settlers
-8 MarHenry Frencham
-13 MarCharles Parker Tilly
14 Mar-John Moffatt Chisholm, of Melbourne, Merchant
-14 MarJohn Rolls
18 Mar18 MarRobert Wilson, of Melbourne, Druggist
18 Mar20 MarJames Monckton Darlot, of Melbourne, Landowner
-17 MarCharles Foster Williams, of Melbourne, Landowner
-24 MarJames Jordan, of Williams Town
-25 MarEdward Barlow, of Williams Town, Tide Waiter
18 Mar20 MarJohn Boyd   Henry John White, of Belle Vue Station, near Steel's Creek, Settlers
25 Mar25 MarArthur Kemmis, of Melbourne, Merchant
27 Mar28 MarRobert Aitken, of River Hopkins, Settler
-30 MarGeorge Milligan, of Melbourne, Auctioneer
1 Apr1 AprJames Thompson, of Collingwood, Labourer
1 Apr1 AprGeorge Abbott, of Merri Creek, Farmer
-1 AprJohn Donnelly, of Melbourne
-1 AprWilliam Dawson, of Williams Town, Innkeeper
3 Apr3 AprThomas Clark, of Melbourne, Grocer
-3 AprWilliam Thain, of Mercer's Vale
-6 AprMichael M'Carthy, of Newton, Sawyer
17 Mar20 MarHoratio Nelson Carrington, of Melbourne, Solicitor
-8 AprThomas Barry Alexander
-10 AprGeorge William Wilson
-18 AprJohn Malpas, of Melbourne, Brickmaker
22 Apr22 AprJohn Stephens, jnr., of Barwon River, Settler
22 Apr22 AprDaniel Stodhart Campbell   Alfred Woolley (Campbell   Woolley), of Melbourne, Merchants
-22 AprHenry Baker, of Melbourne, Innkeeper
-24 AprThomas Costin, of Melbourne, Labourer
-25 AprWilliam May, of Melbourne, Mail Carrier
28 Apr29 AprFrederick William Dallimore, of Melbourne, Gentleman
28 Apr28 AprMalcolm M'Lean   Donald M'Lean, of Strathallan, Settlers
-15 MayAlfred H. Bates   John Edward Bates, of Marrabool, Geelong, Settlers
20 May30 AprWilliam Overton, of Melbourne, Baker
10 May10 MayGeorge Urquhart, of Melbourne, Settler
15 May16 MayJohn Henderson, of Melbourne, Salesman
17 May17 MayGeorge Hyde, of Green Hills, Esquire
-25 MayCharles William Dixon
-5 JunJohn William Page, of Melbourne, Settler
8 Jun8 JunJohn Grey, of the Werribee River, Settler
-8 JunRichard Pawley, of Melbourne, Bricklayer
8 Jun8 JunJames M'Donald (or Macdonell), of Melbourne, Limeburner
-7 JulRobert Warrell, of Merri Creek
18 Aug19 AugRobert Deane, of Melbourne, Solicitor
21 Jul22 JulJohn Ritchie, of Melbourne, Gentleman
-25 JulJohn McWey, of Melbourne, Lodging-house Keeper
-29 JulJohn Symonds, of Melbourne, Hairdresser
28 Jul31 JulHenry Ward Mason, of Melbourne, Shopkeeper
-10 AugWilliam Forlonge, of Kalkallo, Settler
11 Aug11 AugMary Anne Walsh, of Newtown, Widow
9 Aug12 AugEdwin Sawtell, of Melbourne, Settler
29 Aug1 SepWilliam Monger, of Melbourne, Builder
-2 SepEdward Woolley, of Melbourne
11 Sep11 SepThomas Mahoney Crosbie, of Melbourne, Builder
13 Sep13 SepWilliam Marshall, of Melbourne, Tallow Chandler
-13 SepPhilip Leigh, of Melbourne, Publican
19 Sep19 SepJohn William Thurlow, of Melbourne, Solicitor (1st estate)
-20 SepCharles Samuel Morrow
20 Sep20 SepWilliam Perrin, of Melbourne, Bricklayer
-20 SepGildon Manton
2 Oct2 OctWilliam Adams, of Melbourne, Livery Stable Keeper
10 Oct10 OctWilliam Evans, of Melbourne, Publican
12 Oct12 OctJohn Spink, of Melbourne, Plasterer
16 Oct16 OctWilliam Sharp, of Mount Macedon, Licensed Victualler
-19 OctThomas Croft, of Melbourne
27 Oct27 OctRichard Capper, of Melbourne, Carpenter
30 Oct30 OctHenry Hayden, of Portland, Auctioneer
30 Oct30 OctMichael Heaphy, of Melbourne, Laborer
-3 NovThomas Roberts, of Melbourne, Baker
-6 NovHenry Farrell, of Melbourne, Butcher, now Poundkeeper, Kalkallo
-8 NovGeorge Alexander Gilbert, of Darebin Creek, Settler
-11 NovWilliam Budds, of Melbourne
-16 NovMatthew Maloney, of Melbourne, Publican
-17 NovThomas Jones Perry, of Dandenong, Settler
17 Nov17 NovPeter Walker, of Melbourne, Blacksmith
20 Nov20 NovJohn M'Donald, of Melbourne, Clerk
20 Nov20 NovEdward Parker, of the Grampians, Settler
20 Nov21 NovAlexander Mackinlay, of Gardiner's Creek, Settler
30 Nov1 DecThomas Kelly, of Melbourne, Boarding House Keeper (2nd estate)
4 Dec4 DecJohn Younghusband, of Melbourne, Carpenter
-6 DecRichard Grayling, of Melbourne, Tailor
7 Dec-Thomas Robinson, of Melbourne, Brewer
-12 DecHenry Nichols
9 Dec12 DecDavid John Thomas, of Melbourne, Surgeon
-14 DecGeorge Sherwin, of the River Plenty, Settler
18 Dec18 DecJohn Cosgrave, of Melbourne, Carpenter
22 Dec22 DecJohn Minifie, of Merri Creek, Carpenter
30 Dec30 DecBenjamin Baxter, of Melbourne, Stock-holder
18441844 Insolvent's Name, Residence and Occupation
2 Jan2 JanHenry Manderson Campbell, of Melbourne, Publican
-6 JanJohn Towerd Harrison
12 Jan13 JanAlexander Sutherland, of Melbourne, Builder (1st estate)
31 Jan31 JanJohn Maude Woolley, of Melbourne, Settler
31 Jan31 JanAlexander Mackillop, of Melbourne, Yeoman
5 Feb5 FebJames Clerk Wallace, of Melbourne, Solicitor
-14 FebPeter Mason, of Geelong, Publican
15 Feb16 FebGeorge O'Connell, of Melbourne, Butcher
16 Feb16 FebJames Kell, of Melbourne, Boat Builder
20 Feb20 FebThomas Bell Sibering, of Brighton, Publican
21 Feb-John Bland, of Melbourne, Auctioneer
-21 FebThomas Scott, of Melbourne, late Publican
22 Feb23 FebWilliam Meek, of Melbourne, Solicitor
-29 FebJames Hills, of Melbourne, Tailor
-1 MarWilliam Chalmer Burns, of Melbourne, Carpenter
1 Mar1 MarAlexander Thomson, of Geelong, Merchant
-6 MarMartin Morgan, of Leslie Park, Farmer
-9 MarEdward Langhorne, of Williams Town, Storekeeper
22 Mar23 MarJoseph Cowell Passmore, of Melbourne, Painter and Glazier
22 Mar23 MarJohn Cumming, of Melbourne, Brewer
30 Mar30 MarFrederick Dunbar, of Melbourne, Brewer
4 Apr5 AprThomas Anderson, of Melbourne, Publican (2nd estate)
-6 AprAndrew Forlonge, of Little River, Settler
10 Apr10 AprThomas Hill, of Melbourne, Watchmaker
-10 AprJohn Augustus Manton, of Melbourne, Merchant
11 Apr11 AprWilliam Gardiner, of Melbourne, Innkeeper
20 Apr20 AprIsaac Hind, of Melbourne, Woolbroker
-22 AprFrancis Nodin, of Melbourne, Storekeeper
24 Apr24 AprPeter Whelan, of Melbourne, Publican
3 May3 MayJohn Seller, of Melbourne, Settler
-13 MayHenry Palmer, of Melbourne, late Publican
-6 JunWilliam Hunter
8 Jun8 JunThomas Ackerly Robins, of Melbourne, Timber Merchant (1st estate)
15 Jun-Alfred Langhorne, of Melbourne, Settler
20 Jun20 JunHugh Lang, of Melbourne, Butcher
-21 JunAlfred Turner
16 Aug16 AugCharles Jones, of Collingwood, Clerk
-26 AugCharles Laing, of Melbourne, Butcher
-31 AugThomas Armstrong
-28 SepJames Tanswell
-27 NovGeorge Wilmot
-28 NovRichard Burrows
-2 DecChristopher Minton
4 Dec4 DecDonald Campbell Simson, of Loddon River, Gentleman
20 Dec-Henry Dendy, of Brighton Park, Gentleman
18451845Insolvent's Name, Residence and Occupation
10 Jan10 JanHenry George Ashhurst, of Melbourne, Merchant
-24 FebEdward Lyons
14 Mar14 MarJohn Pascoe Fawkner, of Melbourne, Gentleman
19 Mar19 MarWilliam Henry Atkins, of Seven Creek Station, Settler
-12 AprJohn Martin Ardlie
7 May9 MayAlexander McCallum, of Darebin Creek, Settler
-11 JulJames Dawson
-23 JulJohn Skinner
14 Aug14 AugMary Watson, of Melbourne, Stockholder
-24 OctWilliam Edward Hammond, of Melbourne, Law Clerk
-3 DecAlexander Chisholm, of Melbourne, Agent
18461846Insolvent's Name, Residence and Occupation
-3 JanThomas Webster
8 Jan8 JanWilliam Locke, of Melbourne, Merchant
31 Jan-Joseph Whitehead, of Melbourne, Draper
-7 FebCharles Dickenson
26 Feb26 FebWilliam Kerr, of Melbourne, Newspaper Proprietor and Publisher
-11 MarEdward Hennessey
-30 MarThomas Cosby Riddle, of Melbourne, Wine Merchant
-9 JunRichard Forrest
12 Jun13 JunTheophilus Dredge, of Melbourne, Dealer in Glass and Chinaware
15 Jun15 JunAlexander Sutherland, of Melbourne, Builder (2nd estate)
-30 JunJohn Pridham Smith, of Collingwood, Solicitor
13 Jul13 JulJohn Sleight, of Melbourne, Cabinet Maker
-27 JulEdward M. Lyne Smith, of Melbourne, Reporter to 'Argus' Newspaper
21 Aug21 AugJames Ross, of Melbourne, Publican
22 Aug22 AugWilliam Nicholson, of Melbourne, Schoolmaster
22 Aug27 AugWilliam Hampden Dutton, of Melbourne, Merchant
16 Sep16 SepJohn McDonald, of Winding Creek, Wheelwright
-22 SepAugustus Charles Suchet, of Melbourne, Publican
-24 SepRobert Selkrig, of Collingwood, Wine Merchant
-29 SepWilliam Hartnell (or Hartnett)
-13 OctDavid Alexander Beath, of Garem Gum, Settler
15 Oct15 OctGeorge Milne, of Melbourne, Stonemason
-31 OctDaniel Rooney, of Melbourne, Builder
-11 NovGeorge Brown
11 Dec11 DecJohn Levien, of Melbourne, Agent
18471847Insolvent's Name, Residence and Occupation
-3 FebDavid Smyth (deceased)
-11 FebJames M'Laren
-29 MarJohn Graham
7 Apr21 AprAlexander Frazer and John Campbell, of Glencoe, Gipps' Land, Farmers (Campbell   Frazer)
-17 AprRobert Lumsden, of Melbourne, Carpenter
26 Apr26 AprWilliam Lane, of Melbourne, Publican
-23 JulThomas Howe
-28 JulJohn William Thurlow, of Melbourne, Solicitor (2nd estate)
4 Oct4 OctJohn Lord, of Moonee Ponds, Labourer
-4 NovFrancis Benjamin Jones, of Melbourne, Cooper
-12 NovWilliam Rennie
2 Dec2 DecRichard Smith, of Collingwood, Clerk
-8 DecThomas Pinkerton
18481848Insolvent's Name, Residence and Occupation
-1 JanJames Boyle
-3 JanThomas Webster
-7 JanAmbrose Draper, of Geelong, Shoemaker
13 Jan3 JanGeorge Beaver, of Melbourne, Builder
-17 JanRobert Bateman
-27 JanWilliam Turner
6 Mar6 MarThomas Woolley
16 Mar16 MarWilliam Madden, of Geelong, Painter
5 Apr5 AprJohn Henry Sullivan, of Melbourne, Wine Merchant
16 May16 MayJames Horsfall
-16 MayPatrick Kean
3 Jun26 MayRichard Wayman, of Melbourne, Road Contractor
-1 JulWilliam H. Douglass
10 Jul10 JulRobert Innes Allan, of Brighton, Grazier
31 Jul18 JulCharles Manton, of Melbourne, Settler
-8 SepThomas Comb
-10 SepArthur Horne
-18 SepEdward (or Arthur) Meyers
-4 NovFrederick Hornblower
-23 NovNapoleon Delarey
-25 NovAbraham Abrahams
29 Nov29 NovJohn Sproat, of Melbourne, Doctor of Medicine
-8 DecJohn Stoneham
-19 DecDaniel Ronaldson
18491849Insolvent's Name, Residence and Occupation
15 Jan15 JanJames Watson, of Melbourne, Cabinet Maker
-24 JanJohn A. Manton
-27 JanJacob Mouldey
-2 FebIsaac Lazarus Lincoln
-10 FebA. H. Boys
-2 MarJames Johnstone
-12 AprJohn Winstanley
25 Apr25 AprJohn O'Bryan, of Melbourne, Butcher
-27 AprJohn R. Kent
5 May5 MayPeter Sinclair, of Geelong, Baker
23 May7 MayThomas Ackerly Robins, of Geelong, Storekeeper (2nd estate)
-12 MaySamuel Pearcy
-14 MayGeorge Hewer
-20 JunAlexander R. Larrimore
-28 JunMartin Callinan
-29 JunFoster Dorman
2 Jul2 JulAlexander Airth Broadfoot, of Melbourne, Commission Agent
-4 AugThomas Kissock
-7 AugThomas Mehegan
-10 AugR. W. Sutton
-31 AugJohn Martin Ardlie
-9 SepJames M'Mahon
13 Sep13 SepThomas Hamilton, of Melbourne, Saddler
31 Oct29 SepWilliam Bertram, of Campaspie River, Labourer
-20 SepThomas Weekly
-25 SepGeorge Jones
-19 OctEdward Bradley
-13 NovJames Doyle
-7 DecEdward Morris
20 Dec20 DecWilliam Dunn, of Melbourne, Compositor (or Printer)
18501850Insolvent's Name, Residence and Occupation
-7 JanHenry Price
12 Feb12 FebWilliam Creber, of Melbourne, Carpenter and Builder
-27 FebJonas Ridley
18 Mar-Henry Hughes, of Collingwood, Bricklayer
23 Mar3 AprJohn King, of Melbourne, Publican
-9 AprGeorge William White
-10 AprJohn Pinn
-22 AprH. J. Cumming
-22 AprJames Dunbar
-18 MayAllan M'Donald
-24 JunGeorge Knox
-26 JunCharles Linstead
19 Jun26 JunAllan McKenzie and Peter McKenzie, of Gateside, Morang, Farmers
15 Jul15 JulPatrick Kelly, of Melbourne, Licensed Victualler
-23 JulPatrick Fawcett
-1 AugJeremiah Lingard
-1 AugJonathan Rider
-3 AugH. William Hellyer
3 Aug3 AugJoseph Ankers Marsden, of Collingwood
-5 AugCharles Broad
-14 AugJames Hilton
-17 AugThomas Dunn
30 Aug30 AugWilliam Rose, of Melbourne, Baker
29 Aug30 AugOctavius Williams, of Melbourne, Merchant
-30 AugFrederick Lord Clay
-2 SepRobert M. Oldman
-9 SepMichael Croker
-17 SepJonas Brown Rider
-23 NovCornelius Hogan
-9 DecJames William Cogan
18511851Insolvent's Name, Residence and Occupation
-16 JanEdward Casperson
-20 JanJames Headen
27 Jan-James Watson, of Flemington, Commission Agent
-3 Mar ? Bugless
19 Mar19 MarDavid Duncan, of Gippsland, Publican
24 Mar26 MarAbraham Elias Cohen, of Melbourne, Draper
-2 AprEdward Butterfield
14 Apr15 AprThomas Jackson, of Launceston, Dealer
10 May13 MayWalter Ferguson, of Melbourne, Draper
4 Jun20 MayAmos Shoemack, of Melbourne, Laborer
2 Jun2 JunHenry Steel Shaw, of Kalkool Creek, Sheep Farmer
-11 JunMartin Page
-27 JunJohn Latta
RGO = Registrar-General's Office, Melbourne
Wilson = Victorian Insolvent List, compiled by John Noble Wilson (1862)

Contributed by Ken Smith (PPPG Member No. 895)

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