Once upon a time, in the last century in fact, to belong to the Port Phillip Pioneers Group you had to belong to the Genealogical Society of Victoria. That ceased to be the case in 1991, when we became incorporated. We are still a Member Society of the GSV though and the GSV still hold a lot of material relating to our time period which is listed on our website, sixteen pages of references in fact, so please have a look at resources held in the Library of the Genealogical Society of Victoria.

Every year the GSV Member Societies Day takes place with all those who can attend coming to the GSV, this day has recently been held with Marilla James and Barbara Hawkins attending. The world of genealogy has changed dramatically over the past decade with online research made available by commercial, government and non-profit organisations all offering a presence without you leaving home or your local library. The Royal Historical Society of Victoria had a day in March titled 'The End of History as We Know It.'

The GSV as a result of this challenge along with rising rental costs and declining membership is wondering about its future. Visitors to the GSV Library have dropped dramatically whilst numbers for 'The Writer's Circle' have risen beyond expectations and they have a 'Facebook' page to facillitate numbers and help required.

The GSV is releasing a revamped website and has reviewed its social media to present an opportunity for distant members and societies to get better value for its services. All speakers are advising that collections need to be digitised and social media be embraced, put your historical story on 'You Tube,' start a 'Facebook' page or blog. Communication is essential.

You are invited to think of ways we can help with your historical story or better ways to meet your membership needs and tell us your ideas so we can explore them with you. There is much more to this discussion, however no more room here.

( Contributed by Barbara Hawkins. PPPG Member No. 990 )

( Your suggestions can be sent direct to Barbara Hawkins.)

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