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Don Charlwood, author and historian, who passed away in 2012, was a member of the Port Phillip Pioneers Group. He gave a talk to the Group some years ago on his book "The Long Farewell." This year his four children have become members of the Port Phillip Pioneers Group - a fact that would have delighted Don.

In 2015 two of Don's daughters worked together to produce a beautiful new edition of "The Long Farewell," which is now available through the Charlwood family's small publishing business 'Burgewood Books.' This new edition returns to the format and illustrations of the 1981 first edition.

[Don Charlwood]

Don Charlwood, Author and Historian

Don read more than 120 diaries kept by immigrants on the long sailing ship voyages to Australia, and numerous letters the settlers wrote home. He tells about the reasons for emigration, the ships and the routes to Australia, accomodation on board, the perils of the journey, surgeons and health, messing and dining, pastimes and consolations, the crew and the new shore.

"The Long Farewell" also includes three diaries of settlers on the voyage to their new land.The book is superbly illustrated with photos, drawings and maps. The first edition won the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards' Ethnic Affairs Commission Award in 1982.

This very readable book will be of interest to Port Phillip Pioneers Group members, whose ancestors were the immigrants who undertook this long journey to their new land. To order please see the 'Burgewood Books' website. The price of the book is $29.95 plus postage.

( Contributed by Doreen Burge. PPPG Member No. 1441 )

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