Many of the pioneers of the Port Phillip time are claimed by our members, many are not.

Jan Brooks noticed an obituary in "The Age" Melbourne newspaper in December 2014 for Sir Christopher Staughton who called himself "a fifth generation Australian."

He was the great, great grandson of Simon Staughton, who migrated to the Port Phillip District in 1842 and became a substantial pastoralist and city property owner. Staughton Place and Staughton Lane in Melbourne's Central Business District (CBD) and Staughton Road in Glen Iris, among others, are named after him.

Samuel Thomas Staughton, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Victoria (MLA), Simon's son and Sir Christopher's great-grandfather, built "Eynesbury" homestead on a station purchased by Simon in 1855. The first two-story building outside central Melbourne, it is now the focal point of the new suburb of that name. A significant piece of land purchased by Simon in 1855 is that fronting Bourke Street, Melbourne, on which stands the Royal Arcade, built by Simon's daughter Martha Tasmania and her husband and opened in 1870. This remained in the family until it was sold, along with an annexe to Elizabeth Street in 1958.

Of course it must be noted that Simon's wife Mary Susan is also a pioneer and together they had five children in the colony. The source for this last piece is "The Lester Stephen Port Phillip Pioneers Register, Volume 2."

Thank you Jan Brooks for finding this interesting obituary.

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