I wish I had a convict
Hanging on my Family Tree.
Well, not exactly "hanging,"
Just there for me to see.

A bit of petty crime
Is all I really seek.
Nothing very bad, of course,
But enough to need "The Beak."

Then off to Jolly Ozzieland,
(Quite different then, of course),
But think of it as time well served,
Somewhere to find remorse.

I really thought I'd found one
But through my hands he slipped
Because he went and changed his name
And promptly disappeared!

He washed up here in PPP,
By then Victoria,
And met a most disgraceful end
Aged only 54.

Now, what I find a worry
and sad it seems to me
That when he died it wasn't on
To list a Felon in one's Tree.

Well, that one got away
The proof is nowhere found
But, I have a certain feeling
There's another one around.

The clues are there for this one
And he may prove to be
A well and truly Qualified

My efforts are re-doubled
And though some think it strange
That one would want a convict
In their story to arrange.

But so far all my Forebears
Seem oh so straight and pure
I'd really love to find one
Of whom I'm not so sure.

A Forger, plain and simple,
A petty "crim" i'd like
Or one who thought that this far land
Was somewhere worth the hike.

An odd way to choose the voyage
As a convict you may think,
But lack of coin to pay your way
Could make you stop and think.

"If I just knicked a hanky
And it got me transportation
There's worse places than Australia
To live and build a "Nation."

So now it all comes down to me
A "history tragic" sure,
I'm working even harder now
To prove when he was here.

And even more important, at least it is to me,
To be proud he ever got here,
As if not for him
I simply wouldn't be. (Here that is)

* * * * * * * *

( Respectfully Submitted and Composed by Jacki Mitchell - PPPG Member No. 1207 )

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