[Early Church Records DVD]

VicHeritage's "Early Church Records" DVD.

I had the good fortune to look at the DVD "Victoria's Early Church Records" by VicHeritage, just recently and had the best adventure I had had for ages.

I have been writing a 'Pioneer Profile' for publication in the next edition; however I was at a loss to say what happened to the wife of the pioneers couple. Mary was widowed in 1846, at which time she had six living children. The image on this record told me Mary Ann was a widow and married a William Smail, could this be my Mary Ann? Then I noticed a Mary Ann Smail married a John Trice in 1849 so I had a look at that image and Mary Ann once again, was a widow.

The search widened to include the Lester Stephen 'Port Phillip Pioneer Register' (vol. 1), Melbourne General Cemetery records, the TROVE website where obituaries where found in the "Argus" newspaper of 1863 for John and 1857 for Mary, and lastly the Public Record Office of Victoria where the Will and Probate records reveal John Trice had mentioned three names that were the children of his late wife Mary. One was my ancestor. I had found Mary Ann.

Now I can finish my story giving Mary Ann the place in it she deserves.

The disk mentioned is available at all meetings for viewing.

( Contributed by Barbara Hawkins, PPPG Member No. 990 )

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