Isaac Lazarus Lincoln was the son of Jonas Lazarus, a silversmith, jeweller, and broker of Steep Hill in the City of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England and his wife Rosceia Nathan, daughter of Moses I. Nathan, also a silversmith and jeweller, and his wife, nee Marks. Jonas and Rosceia had been married on 22 August 1810 in the garden of the bride's father at Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire, England. About 200 guests, both Jewish and Christian, had attended the lavish ceremony and dinner. According to custom, a glass was handed round to the happy couple and their relations, out of which they all drank, and after which the glass was placed under the bridegroom's foot and stamped to pieces by him.

Isaac's father Jonas was a Freemason who had been born in Poland about 1777 and died in 1851 in England. His mother Rosceia died about 1832 in England and was buried at Nottingham, England. They had a large family, of which Isaac was their eldest son, who, by the time of his marriage in 1834 had changed his surname to Lincoln and kept his original surname as a middle name.

Isaac Lazarus Lincoln and Nancy Nathan (or Levi) were married on 22 June 1834 in the Hambro Synagogue, Magpie Alley, off Fenchurch Street, London, England. At the time Isaac gave his address as Palmer Street, Tenter Ground, Spitalfields, London. It is uncertain as to how the young couple came out to Australia but it was possibly aboard the "David Scott" a 772 ton ship which departed from London in mid July 1834 and arrived at Sydney, New South Wales at the end of October 1834. It carried a large number of female immigrants including an Ann Lincoln, aged 18 years. There was no mention of Issac who may have worked his way out as a crew member.

Isaac and Nancy lived in the Sydney area for about five years before moving to Melbourne in time for the Jewish New Year ("Rosh Hashanah") in 1840. They lived for a time in Lincolnshire House in Collins Street with Isaac in business as a tailor and draper as well as running the "Builder's Arms Hotel" for a short time. They later moved to premises in Elizabeth Street as clothiers. In 1846 they opened a business in the country town of Seymour. Isaac was active in the Jewish congregation in Melbourne and acted as their first mohel. He was also a member of the Manchester Unity Order of Oddfellows.

In 1849 Isaac became insolvent and the family are believed to have subsequently moved to South Australia for a time before sailing to California in the "Broad Axe" in April 1850. After arriving in San Francisco on 3 August 1850 he supposedly opened a store on Telegraph Hill. When this business failed he purchased the "Broad Axe" and, with all but one of his family aboard, set sail for Sydney in mid March 1851 with a Captain Simmons in command. Neither the ship, nor any of her passengers were ever heard of again.

[The Star (NZ) 12 December 1904]

The "Broad Axe" was a 136 ton brig built in 1821 at Paspébiac, in the Gaspésie region of Quebec, Lower Canada. She had been making voyages out of the Channel Islands prior to arriving at Adelaide, South Australia on 21 January 1850. There was a change of her ownership in Adelaide before she sailed for California in April 1850. Her last entry in Lloyds Annual Lists was in 1847. In January 1851 she was said to be lying "condemnable" at San Francisco before being advertised to sail on 10 March 1851 for Sydney via the Sandwich Islands. As late as August 1851 Australian newspapers were still reporting her expected arrival at Sydney from San Francisco.

Isaac and Nancy's eldest son, Jonas Lincoln had remained in San Francisco in the care of friends. He became a successful stockbroker who married and raised a family of five daughters and one son. About 1896 newspaper reports began to appear stating that his descendants believed the had a valid claim to lands in Australia that had been owned by Isaac L. Lincoln. He had been able to retain these during his insolvency as they were regarded as worthless grazing land at the time. These lands were said to cover a large part of the town of Mudgee, New South Wales and of the city of Melbourne, Victoria to the value in 1896 of $US25 million. The main person making these claims was Abraham S. Rosenthal of New York who had married one of the daughters of Jonas Lincoln. These reports appeared again in 1904 and stated that family representatives were planning to travel to Australia to claim their supposed inheritance. Nothing seems to have come of this. In fact in 1904 Abraham S. Rosenthal, on bail on a charge of fraudulently undervaluing imported shipments of silk to avoid paying customs duties, forfeited his bail when he fled the country. He returned to the U.S.A. ten years later, pleaded guilty, and escaped with a $US10,000 fine.

The children of Isaac Lazarus Lincoln and his wife Nancy were:

1. Jonas, born 6 April 1835 in Sydney, New South Wales, died 7 August 1876 in San Francisco, U.S.A., married 22 August 1858 in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., Rebecca Harris and left issue. (see below)

2. Solomon, born 3 April 1837 in Penrith, New South Wales, died 1851 at sea.

3. Michael, born 2 December 1839 in Illawarra, New South Wales, died 1851 at sea.

4. Ellen, born 9 July 1841 in the Port Phillip District, New South Wales, died 1851 at sea.

5. Edward, born 20 May 1843 in the Port Phillip District, New South Wales, died 1851 at sea.

6. Moses, born 2 May 1845 in the Port Phillip District, New South Wales, died 1851 at sea.

7. Asher, born 15 June 1847 in the Port Phillip District, New South Wales, died 1851 at sea.

8. Rosa, born 3 July 1849 in the Port Phillip District, New South Wales, died 1851 at sea.

The children of Jonas ("Johnnie") Lincoln and his wife Rebecca, nee Harris, were:

1. Hannah, born 27 June 1859 in California, U.S.A., married c1882 Abraham S. Rosenthal, silk importer, of New York City, New York, U.S.A., born March 1857 in Germany, died 7 May 1938, and left issue.

2. Amelia, born September 1865 in California, U.S.A., died September 1935, married c1896 George Frank Waterland, confectionery shop proprietor, of Chico, Butte, California, U.S.A., born November 1864 in California, U.S.A., died July 1939. No issue.

3. Rose, born August 1866 in California, U.S.A., died c1909, married c1884 Morris Oser, dry goods merchant, of Chico, Butte, California, U.S.A., born January 1853 in Fordon, Germany, and left issue.

4. Fanny, born c1868 in California, U.S.A., married c1887 Jacob W. Bernhard, insurance broker of San Francisco, California, U.S.A., born c1861 in California, U.S.A and left issue.

5. Julia, born c1870 in California, U.S.A., married firstly Albert Abrams? and secondly c1901 John S. Hogan, attorney at law of San Francisco, California, U.S.A., born c1873 in California, U.S.A.

6. Frederick, commercial traveller, born January 1870 in California, U.S.A., educated at St. Matthews School, San Mateo, California, U.S.A., married c1895 Gertrude, born August 1877 in California, U.S.A., and left issue.

Two siblings of Isaac Lazarus Lincoln are believed to have come out to Victoria, namely a younger brother named David and a sister named Catherine. David Lazarus, who also took on the surname of Lincoln, arrived in the early 1850s. He was married on 20 February 1856 at the Melbourne Synagogue by Rev. Moses Rintel to Ann Levi. At the time they both gave their address as Main Street, Maryborough, Victoria. They had one child, a son named Jonas Lazarus Lincoln, born 1857 at Amherst, Victoria, prior to Ann's untimely death in May 1859 aged 31 years. Her death certificate gives her birthplace as 'Pol' (Poland?), her father's name as Newman Levi and her mother's name as Lovochinski. David Lazarus Lincoln died in April 1873 aged 44 years. Both David and Ann were buried in the Maryborough Cemetery, Victoria. In 1885 their son Jonas Lincoln married Sarah Harvie (d.1924) and they had a least two children, Newman Lincoln in 1885 and Victoria Jubilee Lincoln in 1887.

Isaac's sister Catherine married Isaac Levi ( son of Nathan Levi and Bertha Hyamans ) prior to their coming out to Australia in the 1850s. Isaac Levi died on 4 September 1888 at Fitzroy, Victoria aged 66 years, and Catherine on 9 June 1896 at Fitzroy South, Victoria, aged 75 years. Both were buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton, Victoria.

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