[Dr. Martin Playne]

Dr. Martin Playne

TITLE: "Two Squatters: the Lives of Dr. George Playne and Daniel Jennings"

SPEAKER: Dr. Martin Playne is a retired scientist, who has for the last eight years researched the lives of these two men, and is in the final stages of publishing this work, which will be released in early 2013.

TALK SUMMARY: George Playne was born in Gloucester, England to a poor family. After some 22 years as a surgeon at Gloucester Infirmary, he emigrated with Daniel Jennings to Australia in 1839, His business partner Jennings was a wealthy investor. On arrival, they took up "Campaspe Plains Station" ( around 200,000 acres, with 10,000 sheep ). The partnership was dissolved in 1844. Playne set up to practise medicine again in Melbourne. He became an influential part of the colonial establishment, and had a strong influence on the development of a civilised society in Victoria. He was Secretary of the 'Separation Committee', and Joint Treasurer to the 'Delegate Committee'. He was a magistrate. His dream of a large city house and a country property ("Tanti") on the Mornington Peninsular was realized. Daniel Jennings held "Campaspe" until 1851, had many other investments in land and property, along with Henry "Money" Miller. He died a Chancery lunatic in England.

This talk discussed their 'frontier' role at Campaspe, their land investments, and their influence on the formation of the colony of Victoria.

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