[Paul Balassone and Robert La Nauze]

Paul Balassone and Robert La Nauze

Paul Balassone and Robert La Nauze spoke at our July meeting about the development of Melbourne's sewage system. The fact that the system was designed and built so long ago and has served the Metropolis for so many years is testament to the skills of our forefathers.

Our members showed once again their amazing knowledge about our pioneering past when they asked probing questions of our speakers and then shared what they knew about this subject with those present at the meeting.

Amazingly, just two days after, on 16 July 2012 this article by Tim Young appeared in "The Age" newspaper:

"A big section of Melbourne's oldest sewer network has been replaced by a 2.3 kilometre tunnel from Docklands to Port Melbourne to cope with the city's booming growth. The new main sewerage pipe was finished late last month after a $206 million, four year project, easing pressure on the small sewer main on which the city has relied since the 1890s. Replacement project manager Phil Corluka says capacity has now jumped from 800 to 3,000 litres a second, the equivalent of 'about 140 Olympic sized swimming pools' a day."

[Paul Balassone]

Paul Balassone

[Paul Balassone and Robert La Nauze]

Mr. and Mrs. Robert La Nauze

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