[Don Charlwood]

It is with sadness that we have to record the death of one of our long term members, Don Charlwood, PPPG Member No. 528, who joined the Group in 1984. His pioneer ancestors were Arthur and Jane Charlwood who arrived in the Port Phillip District on board the "Success" in May 1851.

Don was well known to the wider community as a successful author of autobiographical, historical and fictional books. Don spoke about his historical book "The Long Farewell" at a PPPG meeting in 2001 and a report of his talk, by Jan Hanslow, can be found here. In his book, Don brought alive the experiences of early immigrants to the Port Phillip District as described in their shipboard diaries, which he had read at the State Library. Another of Don's books - "All the Green Year" - written in 1965, was adapted for an ABC television series.

In 1992, Don was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his services to literature. An Obituary at "The Age" online has an excellent and comprehensive account of Don's life and work.

[The Long Farewell]

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Contributed by Susan Grant ( PPPG Member No. 1089 )

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