On Sunday afternoon, 2 October 2011, a Dedication and Unveiling Ceremony was held at the recently restored historic graveyard at St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Brighton. It was a pleasant day with occasional periods of sunshine and some gusts of wind that gave sneak previews of the plaques. A limited number of seats were available along the pathways. Archdeacon Philip Newman, OAM, Locum Vicar at St. Andrew's was the Master of Ceremonies who welcomed those present and opened with prayer.

[Heather Sanderson]

Heather Sanderson Addresses the Guests While Nicholas Stretch Looks On

Mrs. Heather Sanderson, Convenor of Historic Graveyard Restoration Project then gave a short address followed by a Bible reading by Mr. Brian Bailey, representing the Head family. The first plaque, a circular one which noted that the first Christian burial was on 9 November 1844, was unveiled by Dr. Graeme L. Blackman, OAM, Chairman, National Trust of Australia (Victoria).

[St. Andrew's Historic Graveyard]

The dedication and unveiling of the main plaque was performed by the Most Reverend Dr. Philip Freier, Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne. This cast bronze plaque lists the names of all 349 persons recorded as having been buried in this graveyard. There was then an address by Mr. Nicholas Stretch, St. Andrew's People's Warden, who presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs. Heather Sanderson. The meeting concluded with a Blessing by the Archbishop.

[Archbishop Freier and Guests]

Afternoon tea was then served on a grassed area nearby. In addition to those taking part in the ceremony there were a number of distinguished guests present including Professor Weston Bate; Louise Asher, MP; and representatives of the families of those buried in the graveyard. A photo session was then held for these family groups. There was also an option to attend a concert in St. Andrew's Church by the choir of Trinity College, Melbourne University.

Restoration works at the Historic Graveyard are continuing for which tax deductable donations can be made into a National Trust fund.

[National Trust Plaque]

( Contributed by Alexander Romanov-Hughes, PPPG Member No. 52 )

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