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A map on the wall of his parent's shop in country Victoria is what got Frank Hutchinson interested in the geography and early settlement of Victoria. He later moved to Ballarat where he spent most of his working life. Whilst there his interest in the early explorers continued until about ten years ago he began to compile the listing which developed into the present publication.

His book is subtitled "A brief account of some of the first Europeans to explore or settle in Victoria" and a typical entry consists of the name of the explorer, some paragraphs about when and where they were, and one or two references to further information about them. This is followed up by a longer consolidated bibliography at the end of the book.

The book is divided up into about a dozen chapters, each covering a region of Victoria such as the Western District, Gippsland, and the Upper Murray Region. Two additional features are an attempt to identify the specific aboriginal tribes encountered by the explorers and a chapter about the first paddle steamers on the Murray River. It also contains a comprehensive index. There are over 120 A4 size pages with a soft, glossy cover.

A grant from the 'Victoria 175 Grants' program has enabled the book to be available for a modest $15.00 per copy ( plus postage - $ 3.00 within Victoria ). It is published by Prahran Mechanics Institute Press, P. O. Box 1080, Windsor, Victoria, 3181 ( Phone/Fax: (03) 9510 3393 ) and distributed by BookPOD Bookstore ( Phone: (03) 9803 4481 ).

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