[Louisa Ellen Tyre Davies]

This photo is of the pioneer great-grandmother of Leith Landauer, our newest PPPG member, No. 1388.

Great-grandmother Mrs. Louisa Ellen Tyre Davies, nee Allen, arrived in the Port Phillip District on 18 January 1838 from Sydney, New South Wales. She was just six months old at the time and was with her mother, Mrs. Sophia Margaret Allan, nee Dewes. In the photo she is aged 72 years in 1908, holding Leith's parent, Hyacinth Picton Gore Daly.

Mrs. Louisa Ellen Tyre Davies was also the daughter of (PPPG Member No. 866) Mrs. Lois M. Lambert's great-great-grandparents - and a newly found third cousin to Leith Landauer.

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