Charles Joseph La Trobe, future first governor of Victoria, brought the original prefabricated cottage with him from England in 1839. He named his estate "Jolimont" after the Swiss country estate, near Erlach, where he and his wife Sophie honeymooned in 1835. His family lived in the Cottage until he departed the colony in 1854.

[William Overton]

Most of the prefabricated building at Jolimont had been demolished by the time the National Trust reconstructed it in the Domain in 1964. It was moved again, to its present site on the corner of Birdwood Avenue and Dallas Brooks Drive, in 1998. La Trobe's original locally built dining room survives - surely one of Melbourne's oldest buildings.

During the past year, the National Trust has repaired rotting timbers, and the Cottage has been repainted. There are plans for further renovation works and the development of the garden with heritage roses, espaliered apple trees and other plants of the era. The gathered throng will hear him read the proclamation which he made to the citizens of Port Phillip when he assumed office 171 years earlier, and will be invited to tour the cottage and the outbuildings. Teas will be served in the courtyard.

The Governor's Return - 3 October 2010, ( 1 pm. - 4 pm. )
Adult $5.00, Concession $4.00, Child $3.00, Family $10.00 - includes refreshments. Charles Joseph La Trobe will return to his refurbished Cottage, on the 171st Anniversary of his first arrival in Melbourne on 3 October 1839. He will arrive with his wife Sophie at 2 pm. to be welcomed by John Pascoe Fawkner, Captain William Lonsdale and the residents of Port Phillip. He will then invite visitors to continue their tour of his Cottage until 4 pm. to the accompaniment of colonial music.

History Week Openings 24, 25, 27, 31 October 2010, ( 1 pm. - 4 pm. )
Adult $5.00, Concession $3.00, Family $10.00

Enquiries: Telephone (03) 9656 9800.

Further information: National Trust and Friends of La Trobe Cottage

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