PPPG - 40th Birthday Celebration

[40th Birthday Cake]

The 40th Birthday of the Port Phillip Pioneers Group was an event enjoyed by all who attended. Everyone received on arrival, a present of a calico bag with the Group logo printed on it and a recipe book. Michael Grogan explained the recipes were from his great-grandmother's old cookbook, and he thought the Library bag should be useful to researchers. The cake was iced in white with a decal of our Logo on top. A blue ribbon with our motto on it completed the picture. A thank you for the Birthday Cake must go to Michael Grogan for baking all 11 kgs. of it, and a thank you to Margaret Stevens, PPPG Member No. 194, who contributed to the cost of ingredients.

[President's Report]
[Treasurer's Report]

Michael Grogan reflected on his predecessors as Examiner of Proofs. How they had served for many years and been meticulous in their approach to a demanding job. And he spoke of how Mavis Gerdtz, who last filled the position, helped him a lot.

Alison Stephen brought along her collection of early editions of the newsletter and photos of her and other early members of the Group. A slide show of photos was shown with some folk not even recognizing themselves from the past until the second look. Very funny.


Quiz questions on early Victorian history were held throughout the day, with those giving the right answer receiving a mini packet of Smarties. Lots of laughs and some tricky questions.

[Guest Panel]

There was a Guest Panel - Val Farley, Ken Smith, Alexander Romanov-Hughes and Dorothy Samson. (Lester Stephen was unfortunately not able to take part). These members who have contributed so much shared their memories of the Group and its beginnings. They spoke of friendship and historical knowledge in their pursuit to assist the Group compile information on shipping, newspapers, cemeteries, land records and pioneers or working in the capacity of committee members and general helpers when needed.

[Cutting the Birthday Cake]

Anne Mavric was very happy to cut the Birthday Cake. Anne would be there every meeting to meet and greet our members and guests as they arrived, and was the only person to speak to everyone at all meetings. Thank you Anne for your presence over those years.


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