My great great grandparents, William Timbrel Trotman and Kezia (nee Williams) married in Painswick, Gloucestershire. When they arrived in Melbourne in 1841 they had 3 children: Joseph aged 3, Ann 1 3/4 and Enoch 6 months. William described their ship the 'Strathfieldsaye' as a 'tub'.

Shipping records describe William (age 35) as a labourer and Kezia (age 24) as a cook but at their home in North St. Collingwood William worked as a shoemaker and Kezia as a laundress. They had another 3 children; Sarah, known as 'our little Colonial' in 1843, Helen Rebecca, in 1845, and Emma Kezia in 1849. By this time, William was working at Westby's timber yard.

In 1850, William purchased some land previously owned by John Pascoe Fawkner at Tullamarine. It was roughly under the 'east -west' runway at Melbourne Airport.

After having a bit of luck gold digging in Ballarat, William, Joseph and Enoch returned to their new home in Tullamarine where William had some sheep and produced tallow. Here William jnr was born in 1856 and Thomas Robert in 1857. William died of cancer in 1864 (aged 57), and was buried at St. Mary's Church of England, Bulla. This church was shifted due to expansion of Melbourne Airport and the bodies of William, and Enoch, who had died aged 26, were disinterred and reburied at Bulla Cemetery.

The Tullamarine land was sold in 1876 after which Kezia moved to Boomahnoomanah with Helen, who remained unmarried and William jnr. who had married Harriet Dutton. Unfortunately William jnr. was killed in a horse and cart accident in 1901. Helen lived to the age of 80.

Joseph did well farming in Greenvale. He and his wife Elizabeth Celia Stanlake had 13 children. In 1884 they moved to Wangaratta, hiring a train to transport the family and their belongings. The Wangaratta Golf Club now owns their home, 'Waldara'. Joseph died aged 93 having married 3 times.

Ann married Frederick Goddard in 1859 and they moved to Queensland. She died in childbirth; her death certificate referred to 8 living children and 5 deceased.

My great grandmother, Sarah, married James Swannell who was a butcher. They lived in Essendon, Myrniong. Avenel, and Lake Rowan, where Sarah died following the birth of her 8th child.

Thomas Robert farmed at Greenvale and married Elizabeth Bethell. They had 5 children. Robert died aged 80. Emma Kezia gave birth to a son in 1873 and later married John Kingston. They had 6 children and also moved to Boomahnoomanah. Emma died aged 80.

With the death of 2 daughters in childbirth and the death of a son with children, Kezia was called upon to care for many of her grandchildren making farming difficult. She died at Boomahnoomanah in 1901 aged 85.

Contributed by Jan Hanslow (PPPG Member No. 1057)

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