Island Australia's vast southern coast
Ultimately reveals her bay's entry portal
Sailing through its rip, tis every man's boast
Twill be lethal for ships and mere mortals

Heading into calmer waters, northwards
Our ship traverses a vast bay to navigate
Into river mouth onwards and upwards
Yarra River Falls, do journeys terminate

Captains see we Bounty travellers have arrived
Safely voyaging oceans, their much needed relief
Melbourne Town awaits, tis growing and alive
Resettling families brings challenges and grief

If one could magically travel through time
They would discover us, an early colonial troop
In our District, tis only eighteen thirty nine
Who became the Port Phillip Pioneers Group

---------- o ----------

A Poem by Michael J. Grogan
(PPPG Member No. 1332)

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