Jacki Mitchell talks about her ancestor, David Sharp ( 1816 - 1889 ), and her research experiences:-

( 1 ) Who is your favourite ancestor, or the one you would most like to have known, and why?

David Sharp (10/11/1816-2/9/1889). Occupation: Carpenter. References to him, both in the Clyde Company Papers and George Russell's Memoirs, paint a picture of a quiet, industrious man who, once he understood a task, saw it through until proper completion.

( 2 ) In your research, have you come across anything that surprised you or that you did not expect?

I was surprised to read about his quietness, almost secrecy, regarding his forthcoming marriage to Susan Stewart and also the high level of the business undertakings he was commissioned with while working for the Clyde Company.

( 3 ) What do you think is the most important reason for becoming a family history researcher?

Family History Research fills the "need to know" our forebears and also to compare with our modern lives, their adventures and personal strengths. We can also get a perspective on how our ancestors adapted to conditions here.

( 4 ) Do you have any advice for someone just beginning their family research?

Beginners need to remain open to ever possibility, however bizarre, absurd or alarming. Keep a sense of humour and abiding patience and always check and confirm source material. Also, speak to your "olds" while they are still with you. Warning: Because it is so much fun, Family History Research can become addictive and you could end up as a "Family History Tragic" just like me!

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Contributed by Jacki Mitchell ( PPPG Member No. 1207 )

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