Jill Bant talks about her ancestor, Timothy Lane ( 1810 - 1860 ), and her research experiences:-

( 1 ) Who is your favourite ancestor, or the one you would most like to have known, and why?

From reading articles about him in Garryowen's "Chronicles of Early Melbourne" he appears to have had excellent entrepreneurial skills. Arriving in the Port Phillip District as a Bounty passenger and over the years doing very nicely indeed.

( 2 ) In your research, have you come across anything that surprised you or that you did not expect?

The unexpected aspect for me was newspaper articles relating to his second marriage, referring to court appearances for physical abuse of his spouse and non payment of maintenance.

( 3 ) What do you think is the most important reason for becoming a family history researcher?

Being a family history researcher helps perpetuate the memory of those who have gone before and what has made you - you.

( 4 ) Do you have any advice for someone just beginning their family research?

For beginners, patience is definitely a virtue and the confirming data researched is important. Most of all enjoy this exciting experience of discovering one's ancestors.

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Contributed by Jill Bant ( PPPG Member No. 1083 )

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