[Allan and Sarah Hines]

Allan and Sarah Hines (nee Rook)

The ship "Royal George" arrived at Melbourne, Port Phillip District in November 1849 bringing a bit of Cambridgeshire with it. Allan and Sarah Hines (nee Rook) with their two daughters, Elizabeth and Fanny, and at least eleven members of their extended family sought a new life in Australia. They came from the village of Barrington, which had a population of 533 persons in 1841.

The Hines family settled first in Hawthorn and then were 'Gardeners' in Kew. Sarah's sister Ann with her husband, Stephen Bird, and children also settled in Hawthorn and their descendants have flourished in their new country. The Baptist section of Boroondara (Kew) Cemetery was their final resting place and many names from the "Royal George" shipping list can be found here.

Over 2,000 assisted immigrants left Cambridgeshire for the Port Phillip District, over sixty percent of them coming from villages of less than two thousand inhabitants. With harsh economic conditions rural workers were being paid the low sum of 75 shillings per week, the second-lowest in England.


Holt, Colin (M.A.) "Kinship, Friendship & Community Ties as Factors in Assisted Immigration to the Port Phillip District and Victoria, from Cambridgeshire, 1840 - 67"


Contributed by Barbara Hawkins (PPPG Member No. 990)
a great-great-great-granddaughter of Allan and Sarah Hines.

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