The next time you feel a bit cramped in a seat think of these poor souls.

The "Lady Kennaway" a barque measuring 38 metres long, 9 metres wide and 5 metres deep arrived at Port Phillip with the following on the 6th December 1848.

People: 191 female orphans, 25 free settlers and 40 crew members - Total 256 souls.

Cargo: 306 casks of Beer; 12 hogsheads of Beer; 55 cases of Wine; 10 hogsheads of Brandy; 12 quarter casks of Brandy; 10 hogsheads of Rum; 9 trunks of Merchandise; 5 cases of Merchandise; 11 cases of Printing Material; 7 hogsheads of Tinware; 1 case of Tinware; 18 crates of Earthenware and 4 cases of Books.

Vitals: Water and Food for 95 days.

Clothes: Clothes for 256 people.

The orphans were well catered for. The wonder of it was that they all arrived in a healthy condition.

Contributed by Laurie Thompson (PPPG Member No. 944)

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