The following notice to mariners has been transmitted to Lloyd's
by the Harbour-Master at Melbourne, Port Phillip:-

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"After the 1st of August, 1840, a plain stationary light will be shown from sunset to sunrise from a lighthouse erected on the extremity of Gillibrand's Point, Williams-town, Hobson's-Bay, visible five leagues in clear weather from any safe position to the southward. The bearings by compass are as follows:-

"From the north end of the Western channel the anchorage at Williams-town bears N. 14 deg. E."

"From the north end of Symond's-channel the anchorage at William's-town bears N. 60 deg. E.

"From the north end of the Pinnace-channel, the anchorage at William's-town bears N. 5 deg. E."

"From the north end of the South-channel the anchorage at William's-town bears N. 6 deg. W."

The courses indicated will give vessels a fair berth from the shoal off Gillibrand's-point. Care must be taken after bringing the lighthouse to bear N. 22 deg. E. to N. 7 deg. E. 1 mile. "After rounding the light and bringing to bear about S. 14 deg. W. 1 min. the anchor may be dropped in four fathoms water, in good holding ground of stiff clay and mud.

* * NB:- The south channel is un-navigable, its north end being filled up, having but 2 fathoms of water at half flood, and extremely narrow.

Harbour Master's Office,
Port Phillip
June 25, 1840"

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Contributed by Merren Saunders (PPPG Member No. 995)

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