[Pioneer Memorial]


After Clare Bayne saw the above memorial to John Batman at the Old Melbourne Cemetery site near the Queen Victoria Market she asked "Are there other memorials around Melbourne to our Port Phillip Pioneers and where are they?" Details of some others have been provided by Horrie Vickers and Barbara Hawkins (see below). If you know of any more please reply in writing to the Port Phillip Pioneers Group Inc.

[Pioneer Memorial]


In response to Clare Bayne's query concerning memorials to our Port Phillip Pioneers I would like to let members know of a memorial situated in the Flagstaff Gardens.

The memorial can be seen from the city circle tram stop in Latrobe Street just before King Street. It is approximately 100 metres in from Latrobe Street.

When Willie, the son of James and Mary Goodman, died on the 29th June 1836, John Pascoe Fawkner selected the Flagstaff Hill site for a burial ground. It was described as "a beautiful, sequestered spot on a rising ground". It appears that at least ten people are buried there, among them were the following:

1. Willie Goodman, the son of James and Mary Goodman, who were employees of John P. Fawkner. Died on the 29th June 1836. Buried 30th June 1836.

2. Charles Franks of Cotterill's 'Sugar Loaf Station', who was murdered by Goulburn aborigines, Cullen and Dundom, on about 8th July 1836. The Franks family migrated from Ireland to Van Diemen's Land on 20th August 1820, and Charles came to Port Phillip on 25th May 1836. He was buried at a public funeral on 12th July 1836.

3. Flinders (alias Hindes) who was employed as shepherd to Charles Franks. He was murdered on the same occasion.

4. John Drake, a seaman on "H.M.S. Rattlesnake" who was accidently shot when a musket discharged while he was unloading stores at Williamstown on 30th October 1836. He died on 2nd November and was given a funeral with Military Honours on the following day.

5. The child of William Diprose (who had made the coffin for Willie Goodman) early in 1837.

6. Flora Ross (nee McCallum), the wife of James Ross, a carpenter. Flora committed suicide by shooting herself on the 10th February, 1837.

7. The infant child of Mr. Wells.

Flora was the first white woman buried in Port Phillip and her daughter Isabella married my great-grandfather George Vickers. She is the only one of those interred who has descendants.

I have been advised that those buried at Flagstaff Hill have not been removed. Some years ago a Melbourne historian, now deceased, tried to persuade the Melbourne City Council to have a plaque bearing the names of those interred placed in the vicinity of the Memorial, which I think would be a good idea. I would be prepared to contribute to the cost if it could be arranged.

(The above is a response to Clare Bayne's query about pioneer memorials around Melbourne after she saw one to John Batman at the Victoria Market.)

Contributed by Horrie Vickers (PPPG Member No. 803)


[Batman] [Fawkner]

The statues of John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner and the monument on the corner of Market and Collins Street is one worth a visit and most impressive.


Below is a transcription of one of the plaques on the site that were unveiled on 26 January 1979
with some members of our Group present at the time.

* * * * * * * * * *

This Plaque is contributed by the

Port Phillip Pioneers Group
of the
Genealogical Society of Victoria

to honour

John Batman
John Pascoe Fawkner

Pioneers of our Garden State.

This is your heritage, preserve it
and pay homage here now.

* * * * * * * * * *


(The above is a further response to Clare Bayne's query about pioneer memorials.)

Contributed by Barbara Hawkins (PPPG Member No. 990)

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