On 18 June 1844 the "Isabella" left Melbourne headed for London, England and Leith, Scotland. She was a 422 ton barque under the command of Captain J. F. Hardie. Her journey had started in Sydney and since arriving at Melbourne on 6 April 1844 had loaded a cargo of wool. Her cabin passengers were Mrs. Hardie and infant daughter, Mrs. French and daughter, Miss Scott, John Broadfoot, John Hunter, Alexander Campbell, Mr. McNeil (from Port Fairy), and Dr. Barry Cotter. The intermediate passengers were Jack Ewart, G. Roach (of the Darebin Creek), H. Davis and Mr. Coffin (late of the ship "Wallace").

When she left Melbourne there was a strong fair wind and thick weather which had increased to a hurricane by 21 June when land was sighted. Captain Hardie mistakenly thought this to be part of the Kent Group of islands and tried to navigate through what he believed to be a well known channel of those islands. Unfortunately the land was actually part of Flinders Island and the ship ran aground on a reef of rocks on the morning of 22 June 1844.

All the passengers and crew were able reach shore safely before the ship broke up. After some days they made contact with a party of sealers and a few days later reached the "Flying Fish" which was on the other side of Flinders Island and about to sail for Melbourne. They were all taken aboard the "Flying Fish" and arrived at Melbourne on 2 July 1844.

On 9 September 1844 the Postmaster, Henry D. Kemp, issued a list of some letters he was holding at the Melbourne Post Office. He said that these letters had been rescued from the wreck of the "Isabella" and would be re-forwarded to London in the first direct mail. This list, with addresses abbreviated for privacy reasons, was published in the "Port Phillip Herald" on 17 September 1844, and appears hereunder:

ADAMSON, John - Walbrook, London, England
ADAMSON, T. - Glasgow, Scotland
AFFLECK, S.  (Miss) - Berwickshire, England
AGIE, D.  (Mr.) - Edinburgh, Scotland
ALEXANDER, Margaret - Arbroath, Angus, Scotland
ALLEN, Uriah - Bridport, Dorset, England
ANDERSON, James - Bushmills, Ireland
ANDERSON, MORTIMER & Co. - Edinburgh, Scotland
ASHHURST, M.  (Miss) - Oxfordshire, England

BAGSHAWE, H.  (Mrs.) - Foundling, London, England
BALDWIN & ELLIOTT - London, England
BALLOCH, Jean (Miss) - Boords, Scotland
BARRY, Robert - London, England
BEECH,  (Mrs.) - Crosley, England
BELL, William - Sinclairburn, Scotland
BENNETT, Peter - Gloucestershire, England
BENTLEY, John - Derbyshire, England
BESWICK, James - Bolton, Lancashire, England
BLEAKLEY, William - Tyrone, Ireland
BOBART,  (Mrs.) - Oxford, England
BOURKE,  (Mrs.) - Dublin, Ireland
BROADHURST, Daniel - Manchester, Lancashire, England
BROADHURST,  (Miss) - Salford, Lancashire, England
BROWN, H.  (Miss) - Esk Mills, Edinburgh, Scotland
BUCKLES & Co. (Messrs.) - London, England
BUNBURY, H.  E.  (Sir) - Suffolk, England
BURN, J.  S. - Copthall Court, London, England
BUTTERWORTH & HEAP (Messrs.) - Rochdale, Lancashire, England
BYRES, James - Alloa, Clackmannon, Scotland

CAM, William - Cheapside, London, England
CAMERON, Donald - Fort William, Inverness, Scotland
CAMERON,  (Mrs.) - Worcester, England
CAMPBELL, Charles - Glasgow, Scotland
CAMPBELL, John - Cavan, Ireland
CANDY, James - Somerset, England
CARRICK, James - Stirlingshire, Scotland
CASEMON, E.  (Miss) - Liverpool, Lancashire, England
CHILD,  (Mrs.) - Wiltshire, England
CLARKE, John (junior) & Co. - Glasgow, Scotland
CLARKE, Robert - Killinchy, Down, Ireland
COMPTON, Ralph - Northumberland, England
CONNELL, Matthew - Louth, Ireland
CORTIPOS, H.  H.  - London, England
COUPER, James - Glasgow, Scotland
COVENTRY, John - Dumferline, Fife, Scotland
COWARD, T.  T.  - Devon, England
CRAIGMILE, William - Aberdeen, Scotland
CRAWFORD, John - Middlesex, England
CROSTHWAIT, Leland - Dublin, Ireland
CUTHBERTSON & TWEEDIE (Messrs.) - Glasgow, Scotland

DEANE, William - Dublin, Ireland
DELAFOSSE, D.  C.  (Rev.) - Wandworth, England
DENNYS, N.  - London, England
DERRY, William - Plymouth, Devon, England
DICKSON, William - Peebleshire, Scotland
DIXON, John - near Wigton, England
DONELY, Ann - Wigan, England
DOSWELL, Edward - Hampshire, England
DRURY, G.  V.  - Oxfordshire, England
DUFF, William - Perth, Scotland
DUNN, Charles - Devon, England
DUNN, H.  M.  - London, England
DUTTON, R.  - London, England
DYSON, Martha - Liverpool, Lancashire, England

ELFORD, Henry - near Andover, Hampshire, England
ELIN, J.  B.  - London, England
EMSLIE, George - Aberdeen, Scotland
EVANS, R.  - Chester, England

FARMER, John - Cupar, Fife, Scotland
FAWCETT,  (Lt.-Col.) - Bristol, England
FERGUSON, John - Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland
FERRIE, Peter (Mrs.) - Glasgow, Scotland
FLANNERY, Martin - Craughwell, Galway, Ireland
FORSTER, John - Dublin or Kilkenny, Ireland
FORSTER,  (Miss) - Londonderry, Ireland
FOX, John - Liverpool, Lancashire, England
FREER, William Henry - Stourbridge, Worcester, England

GAIRDNER, C.  D.  - (3) - Kilmarnock, Ayr, N.B., Scotland
GIBB, Henry - Perthshire, Scotland
GIBBS, William - Lombard Street, London, England
GILLETTE, George - Dungenness, England
GLADWIN, Samuel - Wexford, Ireland
GODDARD, William - London, England
GORDON, J.  G.  - London, England
GOW, Robert - Glasgow, Scotland
GREEN, Charlotte (Miss) - Middlesex, England
GREGORY,  (Miss) - London, England
GRIFFIN, John - Norfolk, England
GRIFFITH, Charles - London, England
GROGEN, John - County Tyrone, Ireland
GUILLOD,  (Mrs.) - Brighton, Sussex, England
GULL, J.  W.  - London, England

HAGEN, Jacob & Son - London, England
HALL,  (Mrs.) - Surrey, England
HALLIFAX,  (Major) - Dover, Kent, England
HAMILTON, F.  (Colonel) - Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland
HARRINGTON, H.  G.  - Bath, Somerset, England
HARRISON, Richard - Warrington, Lancashire, England
HART,  (Mrs.) - Hampton, England
HART,  (Mrs.) - Hammersmith, London, England
HASLAM, Sophia - Derbyshire, England
HAY, James - Forfarshire, England
HINDE, S.  (Miss) - Regent's Park, London, England
HINTON, J.  P.  - (2) - Bristol, England
HYDE, LENOX & Co. (Messrs.) - London, England

JAMIESON, James - Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland
JONES,  (Mrs.) - Swansea, England

KELLY, Catherine - Bally Kerny, Ireland
KELLY, Jane (Mrs.) - Birr, Offaly, Ireland
KELLY,  (Mrs.) - Inner Temple, London, England
KERR, Joseph - Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland
KINKEAD, William - County Armargh, Ireland
KIRBY,  (Mrs.) - Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, England

LAIRD, Alexander & Sons - Glasgow, Scotland
LAMB, James - Edinburgh, Scotland
LARRAMENT, John - Stockport, Cheshire, England
LATHAM, John H. - Regent's Park, London, England
LE SOUEF, C.    H. - London, England
LEWIS, H.  (Mrs.) - Bristol, England
LEWIS, Mary (Mrs.) - Pembrokeshire, Wales
LINDSAY, John - Kent, England
LINDSAY,  (Mrs.) - Scotland
LINGHAM, S.  - London, England
LONNERGAN, James - County Tipperary, Ireland
LONSDALE, William - Somerset House, London, England
LONSDALE,  (Mrs.) - Hampshire, England

M'CORKELL, James - Londonderry, Ireland
M'CORMICK, Thomas - O'Brien's Bridge, Clare, Ireland
M'CULLA,  (Mrs.) - Drogheda, Louth, Ireland
MACDONALD, John - Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland
M'DOUGAL, J.  B.  (Mrs.) - Renfrew, Scotland
MACFARLANE,  (Miss) - Glasgow, Scotland
M'FARLANE, David - Glasgow, Scotland
M'GRATH, William - Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland
MACKAY, John - Wick, Caithness, Scotland
M'KELLAR, Duncan - Argyleshire, Scotland
MACKENZIE, J.  (Mrs.) - Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland
M'LACHLAN, John - Argyleshire, Scotland
M'LAREN, Daniel - Perthshire, Scotland
M'LAREN, G.  A.  - Leith, Midlothian, Scotland
M'LARTY, Hector - Campbletown, Argyleshire, Scotland
M'MURDIE, (Mrs.) - Fleet Street, London, England
MACK, (Mrs.) - Ayton, Yorkshire, N.B., England
MATSON, Robert - Rochester, Kent, England
MEAGHER, John (Father) - Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland
MEAKIN, George - near Ashburn, England
MENZIES, John - Perthshire, Scotland
MERCER, George - Edinburgh, Scotland
MILLER, Robert - Glasgow, Scotland
MOODY, Thomas - Derbyshire, England
MORISON,  (Miss) - Edinburgh, Scotland
MUNT, Isaac - Wheatley, England
MURRAY, Henry - County Longford, Ireland

NANTES, H.  W.  (Mrs.) - Exeter, Devon, England

O'CALLAGHAN, John - Mallow, Cork, Ireland
O'CONNORS, Cornelius - County Cork, Ireland
OLDMAN, Robert - Leeds, England
O'LEARY, James & Co. (Messrs.) - London, England
ORR, William (Mr.) - Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland

PARKER, Charles - London, England
PARKER, Robert - Killeshandra, Cavan, Ireland
PEGG, George W. - Ashburn, England
PEGG, Thomas - Manchester, Lancashire, England
POHLMAN, J.  G. - London, England
POLLETT, James - near Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
POLLOCK, John - Renfrew, Scotland
PORTER, John - (2) - Royal Exchange, Glasgow, Scotland
PORTER, William - Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland
PRATT, John (Mrs.) - Rathdowney, Queen's County, Ireland
PULLIN, Samuel - Oxfordshire, England
PULLMAN, James - Somerset, England

RALPH,  (Mrs.) - Kent, England
RAMSAY, H.  (Miss) - Cupar, Fife, Scotland
REGAN,  (Mrs.) - County Clare, Ireland
REID,  (Miss) - Haddington, England
RELAND, Thomas - Gloucestershire, England
RICARDO, D. - near Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
ROBERTSON, William - Glasgow, Scotland
ROBERTSON, John & Sons - Glasgow, Scotland
ROBINSON, John - Nottingham, England
ROONEY,  (Mr.) - Downpatrick, Down, Ireland
ROSS, David - Rosshire, Scotland

SALTER, Robert - London, England
SCONCE,  (Mrs.) - (2) - Malta
SCOTT, Thomas - Barnstaple, Devon, England
SEEDS, Hugh - Lisburn, Ireland
SHARP, D.  W.  (Mrs.) - Bingley, Yorkshire, England
SHARP, Robert - Rothsay, Bute, Scotland
SHAW,  (Miss) - London, England
SILVER & Co. - London, England
SIMONDS, W.  M.  - London, England
SIMPSON, Robert - Warwickshire, England
SINCLAIR, Neil - Campbletown, Argyleshire, Scotland
SMALL,  (Mrs.) - Wiltshire, England
SMITH, Edward - London, England
SMITH, ELDER, & Co. - London, England
SMITH, G.  J. - Edinburgh, Scotland
SMITH, Robert - near Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland
SMITH,  (Mrs.) - Liverpool, Lancashire, England
SPELD, J.  P. - Edinburgh, Scotland
SPENCE, Julia (Miss) - Stockton, England
STEWART,  (Miss) - Mill Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland
STOKES, J.  L.  (Capt.) - Strand, London, England
STOW, John (Mrs.) - Greenwich, Kent, England
SUTHERLAND, M.  E.  E.  (Miss) - Caithness, Scotland
SYLVESTER, George - Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England

TAYLOR, J.  (Mrs.) - Edinburgh, Scotland
THAIN, James - Banffshire, Scotland
THOMAS, Griffith - Mincing Lane, England
THOMSON, John - (2) - Glasgow, Scotland
THOMSON,  (Lt.-Col.) - Dover, Kent, England
TOOTAL, Henry - Manchester, Lancashire, England
TOWLE,  (Mrs.) - Derbyshire, England
TUCKETT, Joseph R. - Bristol, England
TURNER, Samuel - near Leeds, England

UNDERWOOD, F. - Bristol, England

VEAL, James - Westminster, England

WALTERS,  (Mrs.) - Haverford West, Pembrokeshire, Wales
WHEELER,  (Mrs.) - Shropshire, England
WICKHAM, H.  D.  (Rev.) - Frome, Somerset, England
WILKINSON, Josiah - London, England
WILLIAMS, Richard & Son - London, England
WOOD, P.  (Capt.) - (2) - Fife, Scotland
WOOD,  (Mrs.) - London, England
WORSLEY, H.  L.  - London, England
WREDE, H.  - Moorfields, London, England
WRIGHT, J.  W. - (2) - London, England
WRIGHT,  (Miss) - Painswick, Gloucestershire, England

YOUNG, Andrew - near Coldstream, England
YOUNG, Robert - Norway Place, London, England
YOUNGER,  (Mr.) - Denhead, Scotland

Contributed by Alexander Romanov-Hughes ( PPPG Member No. 52 )

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