Family History Day, Melbourne Maritime Museum, 30 June 1996.


Rick Mitchell explains details of the construction of the 'Enterprize' to Port Phillip Pioneers Group members.


On the slipway at Williamstown.


Mrs. Felicity Kennett prepares to launch the 'Enterprize'
on 30 August 1997.


At Gem Pier, Williamstown.


PPPG members sailing on Hobson's Bay, 30 May 1998.


The schooner 'Enterprize' is a replica of the ship purchased by John Pascoe Fawkner in 1835 to transport passengers, livestock and supplies from Tasmania.

The replica is owned and operated by the 'Enterprize Ship Trust', 2 Ann Street, Williamstown, Victoria. It is available for charter, by individuals and groups, in Port Phillip Bay and the waters of south eastern Australia, and also re-enacts her namesake's crossing of Bass Strait which resulted in the founding of Melbourne.

For further information contact Rob Hampshire, Assistant Project Manager, on telephone 9397 3477 or fax 9397 1380

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