(1) Membership of the Port Phillip Pioneers Group is open to persons having ancestors of whom at least one settled or was born in the present State of Victoria prior to 1 July, 1851 and can provide proof of direct lineal descent from their Pioneer ancestor/s.

(2) Eligibility for Membership shall be determined by the President of the Group, on the recommendation of the Examiner of Proofs.


(i) Evidence of residence by the Pioneer ancestor in the Port Phillip District of NSW prior to 1 July 1851 may be in the form of authenticated information from an official registry or family papers. In the case of secondary sources such as published records, specific reference needs to be provided. A Death Certificate certifying death after 1 July 1851 is not normally accepted as proof of residency:

(ii) Evidence of descent from the Pioneer ancestor should be in the form of Certificates from an official registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, but Wills and other documents can be submitted if certificates are not available. Documents submitted as proofs are to be forwarded with the Application Form - and will be returned:

(iii) In the event of such proofs not being available, circumstantial evidence should be put before the Examiner of Proofs for consideration. Acceptance of any such evidence will be at the discretion of the Examiner of Proofs:

(iv) Applications for Membership should be made on Port Phillip Pioneers Group Application Forms. These Application Forms are obtainable by sending an e-mail request to our Examiner of Proofs, Clare Bayne or phoning (03) 9578 3654.


1. Documents forwarded must be complete and legible.

2. Please ensure all relevant certificate numbers are listed on the Application Form in the appropriate boxes.

3. Please ensure form is signed before forwarding.

4. Married ladies please remember to show evidence of change of name by including your Marriage Certificate.

Researching Your Pioneer Ancestor

[A New Member Receives His Certificate]

A Membership Certificate Presentation.

( as from 14 May 2016 )

(a) Ordinary Member ( $ 15.00 p.a. for e-mail Newsletters / $ 20.00 p.a. for posted Newsletters )

(b) Family Membership ( $ 20.00 p.a. for e-mail Newsletters / $ 25.00 p.a. for posted Newsletters )

(c) Life Membership ( Temporarily Suspended Due to Economic Conditions )

(d) Newsletter Subscriber ( $ 15.00 p.a. for e-mail Newsletters / $ 20.00 p.a. for posted Newsletters )

(e) Entry Fee / First Subscription ( $ 40.00 )

(f) Each Additional Pioneer Claim ( $ 10.00 )

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