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Convicts unbound: the story of the Calcutta convicts and their settlement in Australia. Marjorie Tipping. [994.02 TIP]
A short account of a voyage round the globe in HMS Calcutta 1803-1804. Nicholas Pateshall. [910.4 CALC PAT]
Historical records of Port Phillip. John J Shillinglaw. [994.502 SHI]
John Grant's journey: a convict's story 1803-1811. W S Hill-Reid. [920 GRAN HIL]
Land musters, stock returns and lists, Van Diemen's Land 1803-1822. Irene Schaffer. [929.36946 SCH]
Letters and papers of G. P. Harris 1803-1812. G. P. Harris. [994.6 HAR]
Sorrento (Sullivan Bay) Burials 1803-1804. [V 929.5945 SORR SOR]
Tasmania 1803-1820: the people and their families. James Hugh Donohoe. [Fiche C TAS GEN 1]
Victualling list 1803-04. David Collins. [929.36946 COL]
Wild white man: a condensed account of the adventures of William Buckley, who lived in exile for 32 years (1803-35) amongst the black people of the unexplored regions of Port Phillip. Kevin Hayden. [920 BUCK HAY]


Probate and administration records Victoria 1841-1992. In: The genealogist 7:6 (Jun 1993) [994.5005 GEN]
Probate index Victoria 1841-1992. [Fiche A VIC BDM 46 - 62]

Compiled by Alexander Romanov-Hughes with the assistance of Linley Hooper.
(First published in "Ancestor", Vol. 25, No. 1, March 2000)

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