On 30 June 2001 the Port Phillip Pioneers Group celebrated
150 years of independence from New South Wales
with a luncheon at
St. Andrew's Parish Hall, Glen Iris.


Anne Mavric welcomes members and guests.


Lester Stephen, PPPG Registrar, talks with guest speaker,
Professor Alan G. L. Shaw and his wife.


A pre-lunch chat to catch up with old friends.


PPPG President Bronwyn Quint welcomes diners.


Lester Stephen Proposed a Minute's Silence in Remembrance of Deceased Members followed by a Toast to the Memory of our Pioneering Ancestors.


Diners select from a choice of roast meats, potatoes and salads.


Wendy Baden-Powell arrives back at the table as Max Macalister prepares to start his lunch.


Professor Shaw spoke on Port Phillip before Separation.


Professor Shaw responds to questions after his talk.


Brian and Alison Stephen with their historical display.


Former PPPG President Ken Smith with the organiser of the luncheon,
PPPG Vice President Clare Bayne.



16 March George Mercer of the Port Phillip Association writes to Lord Glenelg requesting separation for the new settlement.


30 September Charles Joseph La Trobe arrives at Melbourne to take up his post as Superintendent of the Port Phillip District.


5 May Believing Port Phillip revenue is not being spent on Port Phillip, a public meeting in Melbourne petitions the House of Commons for separation from NSW.

11 June A "Separation Committee" meets at the Auction Company's rooms in Melbourne.

30 December Public Meeting in Melbourne petitions Queen Victoria for separation from NSW.


30 July An "Act for the Government of NSW and VDL" creates a Legislative Council in Sydney of 24 elected and 12 nominated members.


15 June First NSW Legislative Council election begins, resulting in 3 of the 6 Melbourne and Port Phillip District representatives being Sydney residents.

1 August New Legislative Council of New South Wales meets in Sydney for the first time.


20 August NSW Legislative Council votes against separation of the Port Phillip District.

28 November A Public Meeting in Melbourne demands separation from NSW and appoints a representative to take a petition to England.


1 April New South Wales Executive Council recommends separation to Lord Stanley, but before word reaches him in London he is replaced at the Colonial Office by Earl Grey.


26 July Melbourne electors protest at absentee government by electing Earl Grey as their Member in the NSW Legislative Council.


4 April Privy Council meets at Buckingham Palace. Queen Victoria approves the granting of Separation.


5 August The "Australian Colonies Government Act" which provides for the separation of the PPD from NSW receives Royal Assent.

11 November "Lysander" brings news to Melbourne of the passing of the "Australian Colonies Government Act" - 4 days of rejoicing follows.

15 November Opening Ceremony of Princes Bridge incorporated into Separation celebrations.

16 November Edward Curr, the "Father of Separation" dies.


2 January Sir Charles Fitzroy appointed Governor-General of all the Australian Colonies.

1 July Port Phillip District officially becomes the Colony of Victoria.

15 July Charles Joseph La Trobe becomes Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria.

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